A Child's Passport To Health

Every day children around the world suffer and die from health conditions that could be treated, if only they had access to the medical care they need. But what if they could be connected to that care and brought to a place where everything they need is provided by the generosity of donors? What a difference it would make in the lives of these children!

Child's Passport to Health is a charitable organization working with international and local agencies, doctors, hospitals and other non-profit partners to bring children to the U.S. for donated medical care they cannot receive in their own countries. While here, they stay with a host family until their treatment is complete and they are able to return home.

Our approach is collaborative and holistic - we are passionate about treating the whole child and providing them not only with the medical care specific to their condition but also ensuring that each child returns home with the resources and education they will need to continue to grow and thrive. While in the U.S. for care, children are not only given the opportunity to continue their academic education, they are educated about their medical condition, including self-care.

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