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Diane Hansen and Mary Dennison

Mary's experience as an OR/RN has permitted her to be a very valuable part of surgical/medical teams to all parts of the globe - Uzbekistan, Nepal, Vietnam, Kenya, Rwanda, South and Central America. While on these missions she serves as an integral part of a surgical team consisting of National and International health professionals who provide one-visit, surgical care for children in country. She also supports health science education by participating in international health teaching collaborations. In addition, her relationship with local medical providers and facilities have given us the support/resources that are needed to care for the children who come to the U.S.

As well as traveling around the world with medical teams, Diane has committed herself to advocating for children with medical needs - medically, educationally and emotionally - and providing safe and healthy homes for them while they have treatment in the US. She has created many programs in rural areas of Guatemala including a midwife education & support group. She is committed to supporting continued education for children returning home that otherwise would not have the opportunity, and for finding resources for children with ongoing medical needs once they return home.

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